The Founding Fathers Return A Novel Book Cover


Some men would be great in any time.

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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin mysteriously find themselves in present day America. Journey with our Founding Fathers as they discover airplanes, Constitutional amendments, World Wars, and the Kennedy Assassination. Watch … Read More

Bubblenomics 2: What 'They' Don't Want You To Know About Banking Book Cover


What “They” Don’t Want You To Know About Banking

New Release

The American banking system is not just corrupt in practice, it is corrupt by design. Bubblenomics 2 takes you under the hood of the banking system, reveals its fraudulent processes and their insidious consequences, and provides real solutions. Bubblenomics 2 is the … Read More

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Welcome To The Junto!

Welcome to The Junto!

At age 21, Benjamin Franklin formed most of his ingenious acquaintances into a club called…

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September Giveaway Winner

September Giveaway Winner

On the first day of each month I give away free eBook versions of Bubblenomics…

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On the first day of each month I give away free eBook versions of both Bubblenomics and…

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