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Lawrence was born and raised in Washington’s D.C. He writes novels and non-fiction. Lawrence has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV stations to discuss his work. To learn more about Lawrence and his books, visit him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, or his blog The Junto.


I keep a photo of Ernest Hemingway on the wall of my office. In it, he is bent over a table, writing by hand. No typewriters, no computers, just hard work. Seeing this image every day reminds me I must labor to perfect my craft. Hemingway excelled at conveying scrupulous realism in fiction, which takes care and time. Every day when Hemingway stares out at me, I remind myself to invest that time.

Hemingway inspires me to work hard, and Michael Crichton inspires me to entertain my reader. I remember staying up until dawn one sweltering August night in the south, reading Crichton’s novel Sphere. My sweat dripped onto each page, blurring much of the text, but I nonetheless devoured the book in a single night.

Work hard to attain scrupulous realism. Entertain my reader. These are the principles I strive for in my fiction.

I believe We the People can effect change, but change begins with education. This is why my non-fiction books are important. Bubblenomics 2 is an exposé of the most significant political and economic problem our society faces.

I hope you enjoy my books.

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