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Bubblenomics 1 Book Cover


Economic Bubbles Demystified

Economic bubbles have been engineered throughout history. The housing bubble of the Roaring 2000s which preceded the “Great Recession” had the same cause as the stock-market bubble of the Roaring ‘20s (1920s) which preceded the Great Depression. Each bubble is not new and unique, but rather a repetition of the same old pattern. Bubblenomics will teach you that pattern.

bub•ble•nom•ics, noun, the study of the general principles of inflating and deflating economic bubbles, their cyclical creation to exploit the working class, and the fraudulent money system used to engineer them.

A public that does not understand economic bubbles is powerless to prevent them. The ultra-rich mystify economic bubbles to increase their profit and power, and perpetuate debt serfdom. If every American understood Bubblenomics, bankers would no longer be able to manipulate the money system and destroy lives.



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