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The Founding Fathers Return Book Cover

The Founding Fathers Return

Some men would be great in any time.

In the novel The Founding Fathers Return, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin suddenly and mysteriously find themselves in the present day.

It is a contentious time in America. Liberty is waning. Present leaders seem unequal to the challenges which America faces. At this precarious juncture in United States history, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers is more relevant than ever. The Founders face difficult questions as they confront modern America. Is the isolationism they advocated an anachronism? Can the limited government they envisioned still secure the blessings of liberty? Who brought them to the future, and why? The Founding Fathers Return offers readers the one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend time with the Founders in the present day, to truly get to know them, and to solve America’s problems with them.


The Founding Fathers Return

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