The Founding Fathers Return A Novel


Some men would be great in any time.

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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin mysteriously find themselves in present day America. Journey with our Founding Fathers as they discover airplanes, Constitutional amendments, World Wars, and the Kennedy Assassination. Watch CNN and Jerry Springer with George Washington, meet emancipated African Americans with Thomas Jefferson, surf the web with Benjamin Franklin. The Founders face difficult questions as they confront modern America. Is the isolationism they advocated plausible in a nuclear era? Can the limited government they envisioned still secure the blessings of liberty? Who brought them to the future, and why?

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(Even if you don’t like history)

Hang Out With The Founding Fathers!

The Founding Fathers Return brings America’s Founders to the present and lets you befriend them. What patriotic American would pass up a chance to hang out with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin?

See The Founders Solve America’s Problems

Think George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin couldn’t solve America’s problems? Think again.

Reclaim Lost Wisdom

Do you know the tax system our Founders intended? Why Jefferson feared banks more than standing armies? Why Washington was petrified of entangling alliances? Hanging out with the Founders will enlighten you and change your view of America.

Get To Know The Founders

The Founding Fathers Return portrays the Founders realistically, flaws and all, so you truly get to know them as people. It is brutally, unflinchingly honest.

It’s Damn Entertaining!

The Founding Fathers Return isn’t a boring history book for nerds. It’s a fast-paced, thrilling novel that any American will enjoy.

Truth, Justice, And The Founders’ Way!


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The Founding Fathers Return

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